Why this summer you should not forget the citronella

Why this summer you should not forget the citronella

LA CITRONELA (Cymbopogon)

Summer is the quintessential time to enjoy outdoor stays and for summer evenings to be completely relaxing, the citronella becomes the ideal complement to terraces and gardens.

The anti mosquito power of the plant (insects hate the aroma of citronella) is the main reason to include it on summer nights and enjoy a light and fresh atmosphere. In addition, the citrus aroma will create a pleasant atmosphere.

Citronella is extracted from the leaves and stems of different species of the genus Lemongrass, better known as lemongrass, being a natural insect repellent It has been used since ancient times.

Citronella (Cymbopogon). Photo: Getty Images As a plant species, it is a plant that easily adapts to any soil. It needs, of course, good drainage. It does not tolerate moisture and needs the sun in large quantities so it is best to place it in a sunny and dry place.

If you decide to use it as a natural remedy in your body, just apply a few drops of citronella oil in ankles and wrists. You can also vaporize the bedside lamp with a vaporizer or use it in essence burners.

In the form of candles In clay pots, glass containers, glasses, steel buckets or essential oils or including it among the species in your garden, make sure that you do not miss your summer nights and do not let the mosquitoes spoil a unique and relaxing moment.