10 proposals for charming terraces

10 proposals for charming terraces

- Lots of vegetation. No matter the size of your terrace: put planters, pots, shrubs ... create gardens in a few-or many-meters to cool, bring more serenity and beauty.
- Yes to the complements. Fabrics, lighting, ornaments ... give life to the most austere terraces, but always in moderation.
- Folding furniture. They are the best choice, next to the stackable ones, for small spaces: they are collected when they are not needed and… ready!

Advertising - Read on below 1 Colors that evoke the sea

Turquoise, pastel, navy and white blues. A color combination that never fails. The cold colors cool hot spaces and recreate a hundred percent sailor style, set with the new furniture and accessories, by Leroy Merlin, and with thematic objects: a boat oar, pictures of fish, a nasa, etc. A staircase converted into a shelf for plants. what a success!

2 Shadow Shelter

Greater privacy and a well shaded corner have been achieved by limiting a part of the terrace with a wooden structure and a light awning. Cushions and table, by Filocolore. Chairs, of Restoration Study; Candles, from India & Pacific.

3 blank chill-out

There is no better nap than in these cushions covered with cushions, purchased in Lu Ink, in the purest hippie style. As a coffee table, model of Little House, with easels. Two classic wicker armchairs are enough to enjoy a charming atmosphere. The stain-resistant fabric covers are ideal because they endure a lot of jogging.

4 Walls with force!

The coverings are protagonists in this terrace that has few furniture but with great decorative strength: the intense color came from the walls, in contrast to the green of the vegetation and the white of the pavement, is the key to success. Sometimes, less is more, as this clear example shows.

5 Textiles, the protagonists!

The simplest furniture can be radically transformed with the appropriate props, as in this area of ​​the garden equipped with cheerful cushions and tablecloths of Alhambra Rustic Pop, a light curtain, good lighting ... Nothing like the ornamental power of the fabrics to achieve a stimulating and attractive corner. That easy.

6 Connect the exterior and interior

If you make a floor to ceiling enclosure with sliding leaves you can integrate the porch into the living room when you feel like it. To have a good thermal insulation, put a double glazing SGG Climalit Plus: it will allow you to save up to 30% on cooling.

7 Outdoor dining

A workbench and a white pickled table make up a casual summer dining room for many diners. Being arranged in "L", it takes good advantage of the space and facilitates good communication. Complements in blue and white, from Zara Home, personalize this serene decoration, providing summer relaxation and elegant freshness.

8 Mix pieces with glamor

In the living area, a wrought iron bed, with cushions, from KA International and Group 13, has been transformed into a romantic sofa. It combines a thousand wonders with a functional table made from recycled pallets, which supports plants. Two furniture of different styles form a perfect tandem. The result? Outstanding!

9 Recycled furniture

How much game pallets give! With three of them this table has been made so practical and economical. The pallets have been arranged in a tower and secured with screws; wheels and a glass as a worktop complete the furniture. Tolix chairs enhance this rustic-chic set.

10 Wooden furniture, a classic

Next to the wall, to have more shade, the dining room has been located, composed of a set of wooden table, armchairs and bench, by Becara. In the corner, a watchman of the same firm, with plants and decorative objects, and a flexo of Ikea. Candles, on the table and suspended from the ceiling, help create an intimate atmosphere.