Masterchef Recipes: 3 dishes by Carlos Maldonado

Masterchef Recipes: 3 dishes by Carlos Maldonado

1. Entrecote, Paris coffee.

In this case, we start with a product such as steak, accompanied by its fries and salad to lighten, which should not be added much more. "It's a very complete recipe for carnivorous palates, like mine," Carlos confesses ...

  • It is always recommended to temper the meat, that is, remove it from the refrigerator 20 minutes before putting on cooking.
  • Ideally, use tweezers to turn it around, avoiding pricking it with a fork (because we run the risk of losing juices).
  • Once we have the meat in the cooking point that interests us, we must remove it from the iron and let it rest 5 minutes before eating it. This time we can use it to prepare a “plaster” more carefully, for which Carlos recommends carving the steak into strips of one centimeter and presenting it as if it were a tataki, in a rectangular plate.
  • Add freshly ground pepper, preferably smoked salt, and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. It is best to place it in the center of the table so that each guest is served on their own plate, with the desired garnish.

2. Wakame salad, restaurant Ikura.

For Carlos, this dish "has become a classic of Asian restaurants or with Asian influences. It is light but at the same time full of flavor. A choice with which you will undoubtedly be right."

  • First, you should soak the wakame seaweed in water for 15 minutes.
  • We add a touch of pepper and salt, in addition to sesame dressing. Thanks to the dressing and the intensity of the seaweed and sesame, this dish that is apparently very simple becomes a salad of very complete flavors.
  • Then Carlos recommends including a little cucumber: “To add a fresh touch that cleanses the palate a bit and provides a plus in the decoration, it would include half a fresh cucumber cut into small dice. Then, I would put it in a bowl, and eat! ”

3. Butterfish Tataki, restaurant With love.

It is a recipe made with typical ingredients of Japanese cuisine "very elegant because of the sweetness and texture provided by butter fish. In addition, yuzo sauce brings freshness and acidity, which makes it ideal for summer evenings" Carlos explains, to prepare the dish, cook briefly in a pan and then a 48-hour maceration in miso is needed.

  • First we pepper the butter fish. We put a pan on the fire with a splash of olive oil and another of sesame oil. Brown the fish on the outside and remove from the pan.
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