14 ideas to organize the interior of the car

14 ideas to organize the interior of the car

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Face the mess

To order everything from food to beach accessories, nothing better than folding cloth containers. Hold them in position by placing a velcro on the bottom.
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2 All in one

A perfect ally are the bags with zippers. Use these individual accessories with color codes to enter inside, from the passport to the information with the car insurance. For sale at

3 What you should have

And also in order to keep you safe while you're on the road is an emergency kit, packed with essential tools such as battery clamps.
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4 Avoid the tangles of cables

Ropes and cables can be unpleasant to look at - and they are dangerous if they slide under your feet when you are driving. With this accessory, sold at, you will avoid this problem.

5 Avoid bad smells

Heat can boost odors. One way to avoid bad fumes from the car, sweaty clothes or food is to use sprays or any car freshener.

6 Wicker

A beautiful wicker basket is also a decorative and practical idea to organize outside the home. In addition, this container is ideal for keeping supplies and emergency tools at hand.

7 A folder as an operations center

When you spend time organizing important papers in a folder, you will never have to waste it to look for any receipt.

8 Take advantage of the space to the millimeter

Use the space near the ground (without getting in the way) with a group of hanging pockets.
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9 In a shower accessory ...

They can fit a lot of things! These plastic containers are durable, have departments to organize the various dishes and are easily transportable thanks to their handles. More ideas in Simply Kierstie

10 handkerchiefs in coffee cups

A paper coffee cup full of tissues means you can place this cardboard container on the floor forever!
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11 Make the rear of the car work hard

By way of supermarket shelves, if you place hanging plastic bags on the back of the seats, children will have everything they need on hand. More ideas in The Castro Family Happynings

12 DIY shelving

Make your boot space have two floors to place all things. This DIY platform helps organize the load and folds up when not in use.
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13 Try a tray

Just like they do on your office desk, these methacrylate trays are perfect for organizing smaller accessories or accessories, such as sunglasses and coins. More ideas at Leigh Lusk Living

14 Use carabiners

These most typical mountain accessories are used to hold anything in the car, from shopping bags to umbrellas. A plus? Also prevent items from moving in the back of the car. More information at I´m an organizing junkie