Coral: the tone with which you will want to decorate your bedroom

Coral: the tone with which you will want to decorate your bedroom

2019 comes with a new color under the arm: the Coral and we find it ideal to add a warm touch to the bedrooms. Check out these 10 examples and ideas to combine the Live Coral in the decoration of your bedroom.

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The carpet, the cushions ... There are times when the color details work wonders!

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Just look at these coral bedding to feel an irrepressible desire to snuggle between the sheets.

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With subtlety

Navy blue and coral, another mix that falls in love! Would you take her to your bedroom?

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Sweet cake

Coral and pastel colors add light and sweetness in equal parts, don't you think?

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If you want intensity, choose a more powerful coral tone than contrast with a neutral background palette.

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Mixing tones and textures you will get a look It's that glamorous! How about?

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The coral tone is also great in the bedrooms of the kids thanks to its sweetness.

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If pink and green fit perfectly, coral and botanical motifs ... wonderful!

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A touch of freshness

The bedding with coral details gains freshness thanks to the pattern of the cushions and the bedside table.

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Coral blends beautifully with gold. And if not, tell them to this comfortable ...

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