Uses of the lip balm that will surprise you

Uses of the lip balm that will surprise you

When you know all the ways in which you can use your lip balm, you will not want to get rid of it. Guaranteed.

1. To hide the scratches in footwear They protect and cover the deteriorated appearance in some types of fabric such as leather.

2. They take care of the face. And not only from the lips. They also act as sunscreen, blocking UV radiation to take care of especially delicate spots. Of course, never use it around the eyes.

3. They relieve the bites of mosquito, friction or small superficial lesions. They calm the irritation and regenerate the cells.

4. They are used to make candles. How? Introducing a string or match in those that are bar. They hold it and are perfect solutions for emergencies.

5. They serve as a lubricant. Very useful, for example, to apply on zippers or screws that are stuck.

6. For the hair. They act as an 'anti-frizz' product in curly or frizzy hair. Simply apply a little on the brush and comb. Perfect in humid environments.

7. For blisters. Rub the lesion with lip balm and see how it relieves.

8. To comb your eyebrows. Finish the little rebel hairs. Like an eyebrow lacquer!

Photos: H&M Beauty / Weleda