Outdoor floors: wood for the garden

Outdoor floors: wood for the garden

Within the wooden floors you can find several types, including pine, tropical or composite wood.

The tiles or pine wood slats They are the most economical option. In many cases they include an autoclave treatment, a chemical process to protect it from fungi, termites and insects. For proper maintenance it is advisable to apply a specific protector twice a year.

For their part, those of tropical wood (Ipé, bangkirai, Pucté, Santa María ...) are more dense, hard and resistant. They also require a protective treatment, at least once a year.

The composite It is a mixture of wood fibers and plastic resins (they can be PVC or High or Low Density Polyethylene). It has the warm and decorative appearance of wood and the advantages of a plastic floor, since it has a very high resistance to fungi, termites and other insects that attack the wood. It is non-slip thanks to its surface grooves and ideal for placing it at the foot of an outdoor shower or around a pool, since it is very resistant to moisture and chlorine.

When choosing your floor, Always remember to ensure the degree of moisture tolerance, weather resistance and treatment.

They are easy to install and decoratively beautiful. What are you waiting to wash your face to your outdoor space? New garden!