The best beauty treatments to end the summer like new

The best beauty treatments to end the summer like new

We know, everything revolves around the bikini operation. Months before the summer season we begin the tedious diets, we smeared the body in a tanner and a long list of express treatments designed to wear a body of valkyrie on the beach. But ... what about the return of the holidays?

The entrance of autumn always comes with low energy and depressions, and is that the lack of light has a lot to do. Therefore It is the moment when we should take care of ourselves, both inside and out. So you know, take note of our proposal beauty, and stop fearing the end of summer!

Advertising - Read on below 1 Give yourself luxury: sleep well Adam Kuylenstierna / EyeEm

Turn off the smartphone Y go to bed early, always two hours after dinner. In this way, your batteries will be charged in the morning and the good face will come out naturally. It is also essential that you do not alter the schedule and that you get used to a sleep routine. Ready?

2 Exfoliate your skin Luxy Images

Exfoliate the skin of your body once a week will help you eliminate dead cells and have it much softer and hydrated. Also, you don't have to buy anything, you can do it yourself! You only need a few tablespoons of sugar, a little honey and a dash of olive oil.

3 Meditate Ascent / PKS Media Inc.

It may sound cliché, but taking 5 minutes a day to disconnect from everything and breathe will not only strengthen your defenses, but it will be the best way to mentally review your priorities. Do you feel good about yourself? Is there something you would like to change? Reflect and write down your thoughts in a notebook!

4 Make yourself a juice Raw coco

Dust the blender and prepare this apple and pear juice every morning. In addition to being very healthy, reduces blood pressure and helps lose weight.

Full recipe here.

5 Eat like a queen David Ariza from Bump Green

Forget the defendants, the best way to overcome laziness is to get moving, such as cooking this delicious organic quinoa salad.

6 Make up session twomeows

That post-holiday depression doesn't catch you without the lipstick on! ANDIt is proven that a makeup session can boost your mood and self-esteem... with a stroke of brushstrokes! And then, to show off results while you drink a copichuela at the trendy bar.

7 Prepare a face mask

Before we talked about the skin of the body, but that of the face is usually much more sensitive and is the one that is most exposed to day-to-day aggressions, so do not hesitate and prepare this oatmeal mask that will help you eliminate any trace of granites.

What do you need:- One tablespoon of oat flakes
- 2 teaspoons honey
- A trickle of water

How to use:The first thing you will have to do is crush the oatmeal. Once you have it, combine it with honey and water in a bowl.

Apply the mixture on the skin and leave for half an hour.

Remove with water and go!

8 Eyelash Lifting SPL IMAGES

If you want to wear longer and more defined eyelashes without lack of mascara, we have found the ideal solution (and yes, it works). Its about eyelash lift, a treatment that will make you achieve the volume you always dreamed of for up to 2 months.