A penthouse of 100 M² with loft

A penthouse of 100 M² with loft

Stunning views over Barcelona and Tibidabo, natural light in abundance throughout the day and a privileged location in the upper district of the city, are sufficient reasons for a home to dazzle any urbanite at first sight. As if that were not enough, the original distribution of this attic does the rest. With 100 m2 of surface accountothers, with a small loft of about 20 meters; totally open to the living room, ideal for locating a work, rest, reading area or where to relax listening to music. Together with all these qualities, a very attractive structure stands out, with exposed beams on the ceilings, large balconies with glazed doors in all rooms and a beautiful wooden floor throughout the house. In contrast to these architectural elements, typical of the 19th century, highlights much more current notes, and even industrial looking, like the staircase that connects the living room with the loft, very steep and made of white painted metal. It was completed with a railing of the same style, which was combined with wooden steps and handrails, so that it would not be so cold. As for the decoration, the main idea was to create open spaces, light and with the essential furniture where neutral tones predominate in walls and upholsteries.

Wood is one of the protagonists in the decoration both in the tables - center and dining room - as in the kitchen and bedroom cabinets, decorated with acidic glass quarters. In the bathroom, divided into two spaces, the custom-made countertop wood and the mirror frame were also chosen. Once this so calm and relaxing atmosphere was achieved, various touches of color were introduced. Colorful pillows in the bedroom, others in the living room, a carpet with a bright eggplant color. The paintings, many of them abstract, and the black and white photographs put an end to this personal home that, as often happens, is a true reflection of its inhabitants.

Advertising - Keep reading underneath The loft, open to the living room, was delimited with a very light railing in order to fully integrate it into the living room.

In addition, the same decorative style was maintained as in the rest of the house. Armchair upholstered in raw color; Linen pouf and side table with scissor legs. Everything from Santa & Cole. The wooden coffee tables were designed by the owner of the house.

The paint and the upholstery in cream color contrast with the floor and the tables made of dark wood.

Coffee tables designed by the owner. Picture in The Mumbay and Company. Carpet in India & Pacific. Cushions, from Habitat.

The dining room was located in the area of ​​passage to the rooms, that is why a narrow table was chosen, which did not obstruct the passage.

Wooden table purchased at the Francesc Sague antique shop. Upholstered chairs in linen in India & Pacific.

The kitchen was furnished with laminated cabinets that mimic the finish of the wood.

The result is just as warm and they are cleaned better. Even so, so that it was not very dark, coverings were placed in very light tones and stainless steel appliances. Kitchen made to measure by a carpenter. Appliances, Teka and dishcloth, Texture.

The solution.

The staircase, made of iron and with wooden steps, was designed with a single handrail to give even more visual lightness to its entire structure.

Getting ample and clear space was paramount in the bedroom.

Therefore, large furniture was dispensed with. Instead they opted for a white painted iron headboard and very light folding bedside tables. Headboard of Francesc Sague. Bedside tables by Pilma. Bedding, Habitat.

Good idea.

Having a few meters in the fourth bathroom, the small distributor of the bedroom was used to locate the sink. This is not so overwhelming.

The master bedroom closet was made of wood in order to introduce a warm note into the room.

The doors were lightened with acidic glass quarters. Roca signature washbasin. Bath Time bathroom accessories. Bedding of India & Pacific and Habitat.


3 warm tones: A base in raw color requires brightly colored notes. Here, beige PL.015 was combined with supplements in orange A0.99 and strawberry B.045. All of Valentine's signature.