Decorate with bicycles

Decorate with bicycles

Yes, maybe it fits you more in outdoor spaces. Maybe making your bike a part of your home decoration is something you didn't think about. However, social networks and the Internet smoke with just typing "bike" in the keywords. Endless ideas and inspiration will arise before your eyes. And although it is true that not all ideas will adapt to your home in the same way as in that beautiful photo, you can include it with small details full of charm.

Place it in spaces specially designed for it. If you use it a lot, maybe you can stain the walls or the floor with the handlebars, the pedals or the wheels. To do this, place carpets that visually separate the space or line the walls with paper or patterned fabric that you can renew when you need it.

Add groundbreaking details. Ceramics, porcelain, brass or copper in figures on the wall or on the floor, will frame the area where you place your bike in style.

You can add floral details in a beautiful wicker basket and place it in the hall to welcome or on the terrace, next to other decorative pots, in case the cold season arrives and its use is reduced.

We love decorating with bicycles, and you?